A Live Ticker on the 2Rivers festival website as well as on Facebook and Instagram will provide the latest news about the festival.

The films are shown in original sound and with English subtitles.

The films will be accessible from June 10 via the 2Rivers festival website. By clicking on the picture of the film you will be directed to the Vimeo on Demand platform. Here you must first register for Vimeo or – if you are already registered – log in.

To view the films participating in the Student Award, a one-time registration on the 2Rivers Festival website is required.

Tickets can be purchased from June 10th.

  • Student Award: The films of the student award are free of charge and available worldwide after registration until June 21.
  • Main program: In the main program there are 150 tickets per film for € 3.90 available. The tickets are valid for 24 hours.
  • Yangon Film School: For the films of the Yangon Film School 150 block tickets of €5,00 each are available. The ticket is valid for 48 hours.
  • Compass Europa: Northern Lights: There are 150 block tickets of €5,00 each available for the Audrius Stonys film selection. The ticket is valid for 48 hours.

Live Film Talks: The live film talks are accessible free of charge and will continue to be available

Yes, within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket you can interrupt the film and continue watching it later. The block tickets are valid for 48 hours in total.

The time limit of 24 or 48 hours also applies beyond the end of the festival.

After free registration on the Vimeo on Demand platform, the films can be bought by PayPal or credit card.

Since the time limit begins at the same time as the films are rented, there is no advance sale of tickets. Tickets can therefore be purchased directly after the start of the festival and registration on the Vimeo on Demand platform.

No, you can only watch the film as a stream.

Yes, you can access the Vimeo On Demand page via your standard browser on the mobile device.

In case of technical problems, please first update your browser, the film/film talk should then start.

If you have any other problems with a film, you can contact the 2Rivers-Festival-Team via the contact field on the festival website (speech bubble in the lower left corner of the screen). The 2Rivers-Festival-Team will try to find a quick solution to the problem.