2Rivers – the name says it all! At the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, the festival promotes communication, encounter and dialogue across borders and in a variety of ways: between people of different origins, between filmmakers and film enthusiasts on a local and international level, between established filmmakers and newcomers, but also between cinema, academia and the arts.

Starting 2016, the Koblenz Documentary Film Festival has been focusing on transcultural documentary cinema every two years – with a program of film screenings, workshops, retrospectives and discussions. Originally called GIEFF@Koblenz, since 2020 as Two Rivers Festival. Cross-Cultural Documentary Cinema Koblenz, in short: 2Rivers, first at the historic Florinsmarkt, now at the Koblenz Kulturfabrik, current films about the ‘familiar’ and the ‘foreign’ are shown on five days in the week of Corpus Christi and – whenever possible – discussed with their makers.

The festival is under the patronage of the Head of the Department of Culture, PD. Dr. Margit Theis-Scholz and is organized by the association “Filmfest Koblenz e.V.”. Cooperation partners are the Kulturfabrik Koblenz and the Institute for Cultural Studies at the University of Koblenz, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Ackermann and a team of research assistants and numerous students.