Film Talks

Mi, 10.06.

13:30h                    Opening

14:00h                   Gilles Aubry (Salam Godzilla)

16:00h                    Siôn Marshall-Waters (Thieves Again)

19:00h                    Iris Zaki (Unsettling)


Do, 11.06.

11:00h                    Dorothee Wenner (Kinshasa Collection)

14:00h                   Roger Canals (Chasing Shadows) &

                               Eluned Z. Aiano & Alesandra Tatic (I Have A Song To Sing You)

16:00h                   Gijs van der Meer (Do You See Me / Do I See You)

19:00h                    Stéphane Breton (Fire’s Daughters)


Fr, 12.06.

11:00h                    Filmmaker’s Choice with Stéphane Breton

13:00h                   Martha-Cecilia Dietrich (Terror in the Andes)

15:00h                   Laura Coppens (Taste of Hope)

17:00h                    Award Ceremony Student Competition

19:00h                    Mirjam Leuze (The Whale and the Raven)


Sa, 13.06.

10:30h                     Yangon Film School

14:00h                    Mattijs van de Port (Knots and Holes)

16:00h                    Tiago Hespanha (Campo)

19:00h                    Audrius Stonys (“Northern Lights”)


So, 14.06.

11:00h                    Kirstin Schmitt (Adelheid, Kornelius & die Töde)

12:30h                    Closing

All dates are CEST